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Computer Thief Unknowingly Creates His Own Mug Shot

We all have been made aware through cable news stories, magazine articles, and our own friends about the crimes that can be committed using a computer.  There is the growing menace of cyberbullying, through which (mostly) young people leave cruel … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Madness – Compulsion & Dead Game Only 99 Cents!

I’ve joined many other authors who have dropped their Kindle prices to 99 cents.  I will be releasing a new book in a couple of months in the Emily Stone Series.  What better way to get caught up on Emily … Continue reading

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From the Archives of Serial Killers… Innocent Victims

From the personal diary of convicted killer Frederick Baker on August 26, 1867, “Killed a young girl.  It was fine and hot.” As I’ve been reading through true crime books and looking up serial cases for research, both for my … Continue reading

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Would You Walk Through This Gate at Night by Yourself?

How much would it take for you to walk through this gate at night – alone?  As I mentioned in previous articles, I’m a very visual person and many things can actually trigger storylines and chapters.  I can be driving … Continue reading

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2011 with a New Amazon Kindle

I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle with the basic wi-fi version during the holiday.  I want to make it clear that I’m not a “techie” electronic-oriented person.  I love my physical books and I keep all of my electronic devices … Continue reading

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