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How Scared Do You Really Want To Be?

We have all heard of Type A Personalities.  You know the type – those who are a headstrong and driven, and at times overbearing.  But what about Type T Personalities?  According to the American Psychological Association, psychologists have studied certain … Continue reading

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Is There any Truth to those Things that go Bump in the Night?

I’ve always been drawn to scary movies and books.  I enjoy sitting in the dark and watching one of the scariest movies I can find.  I’m not exactly sure why, but only to say that it’s fun to be scared … Continue reading

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What Makes a Terrifying Villain?

Why serial killers?  I’ve been asked this question many times about my thrillers.  Why write about serial killers?  The very words “serial killer” scares me.  It conjures up images of a madman wielding an ax coming after me in the dead … Continue reading

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