Is There any Truth to those Things that go Bump in the Night?


I’ve always been drawn to scary movies and books.  I enjoy sitting in the dark and watching one of the scariest movies I can find.  I’m not exactly sure why, but only to say that it’s fun to be scared in a fictional sort of way.  You would think that I would write books about ghosts and zombies instead of serial killers and police detectives.  Well, I might just surprise you someday.

About six years ago, I moved into my current home located in a rural area.  In the first week, the house made some really weird noises and unusual sounds that you would swear it was footsteps moving around in another room.  These were normal noises of a house settling because it had been vacant for almost a year, but it tested my imagination for writing in the horror genre.

I have several horror short stories rattling around in my head on any given day.  I decided to write my first short story last year, FIRST WATCH.  It’s my take on what moves around in the dark and along deserted roads late at night.  Maybe even what lurks in your own yard when you’re asleep at night.  And of course, I had to throw in the cop element for good measure.

FIRST WATCH takes you on a routine traffic stop from John McGraw’s point of view… and what happens next is well… a chase of epic proportions.

Amazon Reviewers had this to say:

“This was a very well written tale that gives a new twist to the popular monsters currently dwelling in our literature and films. It was definitely a worthwhile read for fans of horror and for authors looking to study how to create and hold suspense!”

“This story is written with intensity of fear, detailed as a thriller should be, and speed to make the reader devour it.”

“Unique and Original!”


What scares you about the dark? And has it changed from when you were a child?


Here’s a video teaser to the short story FIRST WATCH:

Available on AMAZON.

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