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Obsessed with Books at an Early Age

Many of my early childhood memories involve all of the great books that I had the opportunity to read.  I was a typical kid who loved to be outdoors whenever I could, but I loved my weekly visits to the … Continue reading

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Blog Author Interview — Wise Words

I was featured today on a wonderful book blog: Wise Words   This blog features authors in the spotlight, interviews, and guest posts.  It’s all about books! You can read my interview here: Author Jennifer Chase   

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What Makes a Terrifying Villain?

Why serial killers?  I’ve been asked this question many times about my thrillers.  Why write about serial killers?  The very words “serial killer” scares me.  It conjures up images of a madman wielding an ax coming after me in the dead … Continue reading

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Photography Sunday — Big Sarge in Charge

Two of my favorite things is Sarge (my 14 month old black Labrador) and the beach.  The beach is a great place for me to unwind, breathe in fresh air to recharge my writing battery, and to watch my favorite … Continue reading

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Violence, Crime, and Psychopathic Offenders

Not all crime and violent acts are committed by psychopathic offenders.  Individuals with a variety of mental disorders and addictions commit even some of the most unspeakable crimes in our society today.  One of the biggest challenges facing our criminal … Continue reading

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Dozens Arrested on Child Pornography Charges in New York

To hear that anyone has been the victim of a violent crime is disturbing, but when the person involved is a child the horror of the situation is intensified.  These most innocent and vulnerable members of our society should be … Continue reading

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Random Dozen Quick Questions for Author Jennifer Chase

I’m often asked creative and fun questions as I move through my writing projects. Some questions are from my interviews or just curious folks I’ve met.  Either way, these questions make me smile or laugh.  Here are a few of … Continue reading

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