The Impact of Steve Jobs in the World of Criminal Justice

With the sad passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs this week, condolences and stories of his impact have been coming in from across the world.   At Apple stores from New York City to Tokyo, people have left notes sharing how much the products created by Jobs have affected their lives.  Commentators are marveling at the entrepreneurial spirit that he possessed and used to change the world—the way we listen to music, communicate, work, read, and share news are all different because of Steve Jobs.  Even the smallest of children have Steve Jobs to thank for great movies like the Toy Story series due to his association with Pixar Studios.

As I thought about Steve Jobs and the work he leaves behind, I spent some time reflecting on the important role that he played in my field of passion, criminology.  Just think about how many members of law enforcement are now being issued accessories like an iPad to have maps and photographs and police records at their fingertips.  The iPhone changed mobile transmission of data and allowed for communication that far exceeded the walkie-talkies of generations past.  His innovations with Ethernet and providing servers for the World Wide Web changed the way that students studied psychology and criminal behavior, allowing for greater dialogue and exchange of information between the rising leaders in these fields.

No matter your chosen profession, I imagine that you can think of some way that Steve Jobs and the products he designed have affected how you do your work.  It’s rare that someone comes along who affects both our professional and our play time in such a fundamental way.  We can only wonder now what else he would have contributed if given more time.  But, there seems to be no doubt that he made the most of the time he was here.

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1 Response to The Impact of Steve Jobs in the World of Criminal Justice

  1. Criminology is a passion of mine as well. It was nice to read your reflection of how his products helped change the education of criminologists and the methods used to transfer information. 🙂


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