Police Search for Dog Abusers in Philadelphia

In my series of novels featuring vigilante detective Emily Stone, my protagonist sets her sights on predators in her community, such as pedophiles and murderers.  She uses her acute instinct, her knowledge of technology, and her personal courage to track down the bad guys and give the cops what they need to bring these criminals to justice.  While her focus is on those who do harm to other humans, I imagine that based on Emily’s love for dogs and her sense of justice, she would take interest in a story I am following out of Philadelphia.

There have been three dogs, two pit bulls and one mixed breed, in the Philly area that have been burned over the past month.  Two of them died from their injuries and the other is holding on in serious condition.  The three incidents all happened miles away from one another and there is no evidence that the crimes are linked in any way, but it certainly is a disturbing trend.

The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is being quite vocal in raising awareness of these horrible acts and will be holding a rally later this week.  Their hope is that the perpetrators will be caught and face the stiffest punishment possible. I agree completely.  Dogs want nothing but our love and companionship; to intentionally harm these animals in such a heinous way is incomprehensible.

While I may not be able to engage in the active pursuit of these dog abusers myself, maybe I need to think about Emily Stone expanding her net and going after such guys in a future novel.  Anyone who would set fire to a dog certainly is a criminal, a danger to society, and most likely not someone who is kind to other humans as well.


“Sarge” (photo above) is my faithful, loyal sidekick who watches over me.  I couldn’t imagine how anyone could hurt an animal on purpose.

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4 Responses to Police Search for Dog Abusers in Philadelphia

  1. Lisa crowe says:

    I hope that the state has a strict abuse law that will protect the rights of the animals. Unfortuanately in most states abuse seems to be a misdemeanor. I run an animal rescue in kentucky our laws don’t protect the animals as they should. It still amazes me how cruel the human race can be. Thank you for taking the time to write this post. You may have made a difference in another animals life.


    • Thank you for your comment Lisa — it’s very much appreciated. Even with animal cruelty laws in place, it still seems that the abuser gets probation or the charges are dropped or lowered. I’ve seen this happen in California (in my area) when a man beat a puppy to death with his golf club in front of a child — he only got probation. I try to bring animal abuse to the attention of police officers I know so they are aware when they go to calls for other offenses. Kudos to you for running an animal rescue. You are making a difference 🙂


  2. donnagalanti says:

    This story just sickens me. I live outside Philly. Anyone who does such a horrific act to an animal would surely treat humans as bad. I wish we had stricter laws to punish animal abusers. Animals are such easy, vulnerable targets for people who do such awful things.


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