A High-Tech Voyeuristic Serial Killer in a DEAD GAME

DeadGameCoverAwardAn Award Winning Emily Stone Thriller


1800 Hours

The room was entirely black.  There were special window coverings that didn’t allow a trace of light to enter from any other natural or unnatural sources.  Windows, doors, or other rooms didn’t exist in this environment.  It gave the illusion that the world was only a vast void because it had been obliterated from space.  The universe had given up the responsibility of one of its own planets to make more room for what evil lurks in the darkness.  It would soon take over and slowly obliterate what little goodness that had once inhabited it.

Three basic, utilitarian tables were positioned in a precise semicircle.  Suddenly, an almost blinding light illuminated, and filled the small intimate space.  Three large 27-inch flat screen monitors illustrated a video image of a beautiful woman, naked, terrified and confined to a chair.

She seemed groggy at first as her head bobbed slightly from side to side, but she slowly regained all her senses to discover herself naked, confined by a heavy cording, and unable to find any means of escape.  She tried to move, but her secured hands and mouth made it impossible to make much noise.  Her raven hair cascaded down in front of her breasts.

A soft re-energizing sigh escaped from Samuel’s lips.  He had seen the video more than a dozen times and each time the terror inflicted on the beautiful woman made it almost unbearable to wait for the next lingering moment of death.

Each time the excitement was more heightened than the last.  His core expanded and heat emanated from his entire body.  He felt the tips of his nerves tingle with a slight electric shock.  He continued to have erections every time she pleaded for her life.

Samuel’s dark green eyes darted back and forth between the computer screens as if he might miss something entirely if he watched just one at a time.  It was his slightly aging face, dark hair, receding hairline, and stern jaw showing years of contempt that drove his impulsive need for more.

More death.

More destruction of the human spirit.

And most importantly, more death reenactments via his perfect videos would be given for the betterment of society in his own twisted mind.

The dark-haired woman’s panic escalated another degree as the cord around her petite neck continued to tighten.  Her chest heaved as she struggled to breathe only through her nose.

Time was running out, but Samuel knew that he could relive this moment forever.  He imagined in his highly tuned mind what it would be like to take advantage of the woman in this condition.

He wanted her now.

He could taste her fear as he continued to watch utterly mesmerized.  He wanted to taste more of her, everything, just before the last throes of death.

The woman began to lose consciousness as her neck ruptured with direct precision.  She was gone, but her spirit would live on inside Samuel.  He could revive it whenever he wanted.

He had that power.

That was the true power he possessed over others.

His ultimate goal was to find two participants for his movie: a man and woman who were deeply in love.  One would watch as the other died right before their eyes.  He would savor that image for eternity.

Excerpt, Dead Game

All Rights Reserved. © 2010 Jennifer Chase


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