The chaos of the crime scene told a story. #Serial #Suspense


Serial Suspense – Episode 4

Police cars encircled the small rural house.  Each vehicle parked precariously, but with an underlying plan known to cops.  The sound of heavy footsteps of police issue boots moved quickly in and out of the home. More cruisers entered the long dirt driveway, either to assist with the homicide investigation or out of the sheer curiosity of how an eight-year-old boy survived the brutal attack of the home invasion.

Inside the Baker’s house, assorted police personnel moved expertly in and out of the crime scene carefully documenting evidence.  The main objective was to peel away the evidence in order to tell the correct story.  They never disregarded anything that might prove useful.

A tall, dark-haired detective frowned as he sketched out scribbled drawings in his small spiral bound notebook.

Several flashes from a digital camera lit up the area giving the center stage a more of a grotesque discernment.

The detective’s solemn expression overshadowed his handsome face as he stood above the murdered couple.  Detective Matt Tower’s thought process consisted of running several possible scenarios and always keeping his options open.

His partner, shorter and muscular, Detective Kirby Bancroft stood next to him.  He fidgeted with his button down shirt.  The scene did not seem to bother him.  He asked, “What do you make of this?”

“You never get used to it. The vics are identified as Mr. Robert Baker and Mrs. Elaine Baker.”  He replied slowly.  “He worked as a truck driver and she was a stay at home mom.”

“It looks like a random home invasion.”  Bancroft glanced around the living room.  “They obviously didn’t do their homework.  The place is modest at best.  They couldn’t have gotten much.”

“They didn’t want any witnesses.”

“A hit maybe?”

“I don’t think so, but we’re checking on their backgrounds anyway.”

The detective slid the notebook back into his pocket.  He preferred paper to smart phones and iPads – he chose something he could feel, more tangible and solid.  He continued, “What I don’t get is how the boy survived?  Has he said anything yet?”

“Not yet.”

“He probably won’t be much help.  This is a trauma that will haunt him for the rest of his life…”

“The social worker is with him now.”

Detective Bancroft left his partners side to get further information from patrol officers first on the scene and one of the forensic technicians.

The police photographer continued to take images of the dead couple from many different angles.

Detective Bancroft returned and held up a plastic bag with a piece of fabric inside.  “The techs got this out of the woman’s hand.”

“What do you think?”  He scrutinized the tiny piece of cloth.

“Perp’s shirt maybe?”

“I want this fabric tested for any foreign substances, like DNA, or anything that wouldn’t be found in this home.  It could lead us to the killer or someone close to them.”

Bancroft squinted his eyes examining the bag.  “It looks like some type of army fatigue pattern…”

Towers knew where his partner was headed in his thinking.  “Like the kind that many ex-cons buy right out of the prison.” His mind still reeled with scenarios coming in rapid succession, “This home invasion could be linked to some of the robbery homicides from a few months ago.”

The detective’s conversation was interrupted by the managing forensic specialist as he carefully pried a bullet from one of the walls.  “Excuse me detective.”  His short, cropped grey hair made his face seem paler than it was in reality.  He now resembled more of an undertaker than a scientist.

Standing up straight, the forensic specialist asked, “What do you make of this?”

All Rights Reserved. © 2013 Jennifer Chase


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    Thanks so much – so interesting and informative. Great writing.


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