He stood frozen unable to avert his gaze. #Serial #Suspense


Serial Suspense – Episode 2

Screams in between muffled pleas came from the kitchen.  Mrs. Baker begged for her life with every ounce of energy she possessed.

The house became quiet.

The tall, thin man dragged the woman’s lifeless body along the floor into the living room and left her next to her husband covered in blood.  To his partner, he barked. “Hurry up!” Without wasting another word, he yanked off Mrs. Baker’s wedding ring and took Mr. Baker’s wallet.  He eagerly looked inside the billfold, swiped the cash, and took the only remaining two credit cards.

Mr. Baker groaned and tried to roll to one side.

“Where’s the rest!”  The burglar demanded at the barely conscious man. He shook the bloody knife in his face.

His partner in crime returned to his side and stated, “There’s nothing – just a couple hundred bucks and some cheap-ass jewelry.”  He searched the rooms systematically, throwing personal belongings onto the floor.  Lamps, hanging pictures, and assorted decorations shattered.  Couch pillows and seat cushions flipped over.


The short man fumed and clenched his fist.  Bending down, he punched Mr. Baker in the nose.  “Where’s the stuff!  This can’t be it!  Where is it!”  The wad of crumbled cash protruded between his fingers as he hammered the man’s face again.

Mr. Baker didn’t answer.

A rain of blood spatter covered the couch and back wall.


The bedroom door opened a tiny crack as AJ peered through the opening terrified and helpless.  He couldn’t bear to watch the bad men hurt his parents, but he was frozen and unable to avert his gaze.  He knew that he should call 9-1-1, but the only phone was in the kitchen.  His bare feet pressed hard into the floor.  He wished that he could become a superhero – just once.

AJ trembled more with every violent sound of the beating.


The Bakers were reduced to a bloody heap on the living room floor.

In a weak voice, Mr. Baker begged, “Please… please just leave… take anything you want and… leave…” He began to pray in muttered, painful words.

The short man told his partner, “Check the bedrooms.”  He wiped the blood and fingerprints from the knife, tossing it on the floor.  Staring down and shaking his head at the man, he said, “I don’t think so.”  He retrieved a gun from the back of his waistband, took careful aim, and fired three shots.

The couple was dead.  Mr. Baker had managed to take hold of his wife’s hand just before the fatal bullet blew through his skull.  The remains of the grisly scene told the entire horrifying story in graphic detail.

A laugh escaped the intruder’s lips, which accentuated his crooked teeth and sharp features.  He pulled out a stick of gum from his top pocket, carefully unwrapped the silver foil, and then gently placed it on his tongue.  He savored the flavor.  Blood still dripped from his hands.

“Hey!”  Called out his partner from the hallway.

“What did you get?  Money, gold, silver?  I bet they were hoarding it.”  He said with disgust.

“No man…”  The taller man appeared at the threshold to the living room holding a picture frame.  “There’s a kid.”


“A kid man…”  He tossed the framed family photograph onto the floor.  The protecting glass cracked across the front, which left the smiling family strangely distorted.

“Dead witnesses don’t tell any stories…”

Both men headed toward AJ’s bedroom to finish the job.

All Rights Reserved. © 2013 Jennifer Chase


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