The sound of breaking glass filled the entire house. #Serial #Suspense



Serial Suspense – Episode 1

Mrs. Baker mended her husband’s work shirt with expert needlework and nimble fingers.  It would suffice for at least another year as she carefully knotted the last thread.  She looked up at her husband stretched out on the couch and let out a sigh, “It’s supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow.  How about we take AJ on a picnic in the park?”

The flash of scenes from the television show mesmerized Mr. Baker, but he replied with enthusiasm. “That sounds nice. AJ and I can throw the ball around.”

“He’d like that.  He’s growing up so fast…”  Her mind drifted off remembering the day she brought AJ home from the hospital.  She meticulously folded the work shirt in sections, taking extra care to tuck the long sleeves inward without any unnecessary wrinkles.

“I want to get him into Little League.”  He said.

Mrs. Baker looked around the modest living room feeling blessed that they had been given so much as a family.  It didn’t matter that the furniture was old and worn.  There were tough months where she had to scrape pennies together and use creativity to keep food on the table and the bills paid on time.  She knew that as a family they could accomplish anything – as long as they had each other.


Colorful posters, remote control cars, video games, football, baseball and mitt, and various clothing scattered the floor.  It was a typical scene for an active nine-year-old.  The tousled brown hair of the little boy peeked over the action hero comforter.  AJ was sound asleep in the race car bed – dreaming of flying through the clouds, wondrous animals from other words, good wizards, and home runs.  His body had scrunched down underneath the covers as his steady breath continued.

On the nightstand behind a couple of plastic toys, an old tattered teddy bear sat with an eager look upon its face.  No one seemed to have had the heart to toss the stuffed animal in the garbage.

No lamp or nightlight illuminated in the bedroom.  The door stayed closed and no straggling light seeped around the perimeter of its frame.  It remained dark.

AJ slept.

Shadows passed by the window.


Mrs. Baker stood at the stove fixing a cup of evening chamomile tea.  She slowly steeped the tea bag in the steaming water.

Scanning the online TV Guide, Mr. Baker searched for something of interest.

A loud crash slammed into the front door.

The startling high-pitched sound of breaking glass filled the entire house.

Mrs. Baker rushed into the living room with terror plastered across her face.

Already up from the couch, Mr. Baker yelled to his wife, “Stay in the kitchen!”

She quickly retreated.

Within seconds, two men entered the living room.

“Who are you? Get out of my house!”  Mr. Baker’s booming, authoritative voice startled the intruders.

It took only a few seconds before the shorter man regained his confidence with purpose.  The bat in his left hand swung with precision and cracked the side of Mr. Baker’s head with a sickening thud.  He dropped to the floor.

A stifled whimper alerted the other intruder and he headed in the direction of the kitchen.  A knife was poised and ready in his left hand.

All Rights Reserved. © 2013 Jennifer Chase

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  1. Okay, you’ve got me hooked! There’s more, right?


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