The men searched frantically to find the last victim. #Serial #Suspense


Serial Suspense – Episode 3

The door slammed open with a bang.  Both killers entered AJ’s bedroom, angry and determined to find the little boy to silence him – permanently.

The bedroom was quiet and empty.

The taller man fumed, then his fists clenched as he tore posters off the walls and tossed toys from every surface.  The comforter, sheets, and pillows were thrown to the floor as the mattress was pulled from the race car frame.


His stocky partner madly combed through the closet searching for the boy.  “There’s no sign of the kid.”  He fumed.  “Maybe he’s at friend’s house or somethin’?”

“Keep looking.”

“I’m tellin’ you that he’s not here.”

The tall burglar stopped and turned to his partner with a steely, penetrating gaze.  There was nothing that he wasn’t capable of doing.  He spoke through his gritted teeth.  “For your sake that brat better be somewhere else.”

“Do you see him?  I’m telling you he’s not here…”

“Fine.  Let’s get the hell out of here.”


The modest house sat nestled in a wooded area in the middle of the night.  Thick trees acted as a shield from any neighbors or curious onlookers.  A steady breeze ignited.

Both men quickly left the house carrying a few of the Baker’s belongings and a total of sixty-seven dollars in cash.  They hustled into the dark woods where their getaway car waited.

The front door stood wide open and gently thumped against the frame.  The wind continued to build as dry leaves fluttered across the walkway and against the siding of the house.


A broken clock on the floor in the living room, which originally sat on the mantle, read 11:20pm.  Almost an hour passed since the burglars had left.

The Baker’s bodies were bloody and broken in heap in front of the shredded couch.  It was difficult to see their outlines at first with the chaos of destruction.

The entire house resembled a disaster where someone had picked it up and then dropped it from a high building.  A narrow walking path led into AJ’s bedroom where his closet was now empty with the contents covering the floor.

A soft thump followed by the sound of something sliding across the hard surface banged from above.  Slowly, a square opening to the attic moved to one side.  A small leg emerged.  Within a few moments, AJ peered down.  He hesitated.  Grief no longer washed over his face, but rather, a calm almost coma trance filled his body.

He dropped the tattered teddy bear and then lowered himself down to the floor.  His favorite cartoon pajamas were torn and dirty.  Picking up the stuffed toy, he stared at the bare four walls.

He waited and listened before he stepped into his bedroom.  He stopped again before taking another two-steps, and continued that same procedure until he stood at his bedroom doorway.

AJ stood frozen holding his teddy bear tightly in his arms, pressed hard against his chest as he stared into the living room.

All Rights Reserved. © 2013 Jennifer Chase


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