Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts from Readers in 2013

Brevity - umbvp_c050318.jpgI want to thank everyone who has visited my blog.  You are ALL awesome!  It keeps me inspired to share interesting areas of forensics and criminology as well as updates on my books.  I have found it very interesting the articles that seem to generate the most interest.  I can see that there are many of you that find serial killers and crime scene investigation fascinating – just like I do.

In case you have missed any of my previous posts, here are the top ten most visited posts in 2013.

1          Serial Killer Profile – An Inside Look at “The Iceman”

2          My Pick of 13 Interesting Facts about Serial Killers

3          Investigating Four Types of Serial Killers

4          Random & Interesting Serial Killer Facts

5          Responsibilities of a Crime Scene Investigator

6          Crime Scene Characteristics – What Do They Really Mean?

7          What’s This I Hear About Type A Personalities?

8          Take a Walk Through a Body Farm

9          Bullseye – 1 Star Book Reviews

10        The Skillful Art of Interrogation

Is there any area of forensics, criminal psychology, Emily Stone, or writing thrillers that you would like to see in future posts of 2014?  Please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.


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