Serial Sex Offender Caught Following Car Accident

Arrested_SCThere is a certain psychology enmeshed in those who engage in serial violence, particularly those who terrorize with crimes as sexual predators. While their mindset may be fascinating to study, this is best done from the confines of a prison cell. Fortunately, it appears that one more serial sex offender has been taken off the streets, and the way his capture took place was rather unusual and a testament to attentive police work.

There had been multiple sexual assaults taking place in the Tulsa area over the past month. The intruder would come at night and break into the house, and then attack the woman who lived there. For the most part, these women were somewhere between their mid-50s and mid-70s. It was as the attacker was leaving one of his alleged victims that events unfolded which would end with his arrest.

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Desmond Campbell is said to have been speeding away from one of his crimes when he ran into a light pole and ended up unresponsive in a Tulsa emergency room. Meanwhile, local police officers had used evidence at the scenes of his various attacks to associate his name with the crimes, based on his past criminal record and the prison time he served up until April of this year. A Google search of Desmond Campbell brought up an article concerning the car crash, and police moved forward from there.

Formal charges are still being prepared against Mr. Campbell, but they are expected to be lengthy and severe. That being said, Mr. Campbell has yet to regain consciousness following his accident. So, we first need to learn whether or not he will survive before it can be determined if he will face justice for his alleged crimes.

It is sad that a man with a history of violence proceeded to return to criminal activity almost immediately upon his release from jail. But I am thankful that it was his track record that gave authorities the trail that they needed to get him back in custody.


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