Evil Incarnate: Psychopaths Among Us


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If you thought everyday life – like eating right, paying your bills, and not getting fired – wasn’t stressful enough. Here’s something else to chew on. It is estimated that psychopaths constitute a whopping 1% of the world’s population. Now…you may be saying to yourself “One percent? Please, that’s nothing!”

Well, let’s put that into perspective. The United States has roughly 320,000,000 inhabitants. Which means that, there are an estimated 3.2 million psychopaths lurking in towns and cities across the nation – from Main Street to Wall Street.

And they are certainly doing what they do best – manipulating, calculating and behaving in inappropriate, antisocial and often dangerous manners.

What is a psychopath

The psychopaths who walk among us do not always lurk in the dark. They often enter our lives in broad daylight with no sign of danger. They live their lives. Just like us. But that is where the commonality ends.

Psychopaths are very, VERY different than you and I. They have no moral compass. In fact, a psychopath has no conscience whatsoever. Although they often commit heinous acts, a psychopath struggles with neither shame nor guilt. They do what they please, without concern for others.

And, because psychopaths are so cold-blooded with an alarming detachment from human emotions and empathy, their horrible thoughts and impulses have no internal restraints. They act according to their own personal desires.

Despite the unscrupulous nature of psychopaths, they are not all homicidal maniacs. Many are seemingly law-abiding, charming and social people. Seemingly, however, is the operative word.

Psychopaths have a clear advantage over the rest of us. They do not care about the consequences of their behavior. At all.

In fact, psychopaths treat the world as their personal depraved playground. And the rest of us conscience-dictated suckers are just pawns in their bizarre and ruthless games.


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Psychopaths come in all forms

Yes, these wild and asocial people can be murderous villains – like HBO documentary sensation Robert Durst (who has committed multiple murders over a 40-year span, yet has remained unscathed until recently). But, surprisingly, the majority of psychopaths are technically law-abiding people, who are above the constraints of the legal system. They use their lack of conscience and manipulation skills to destroy lives. A psychopath will find ways to “legally” rob you blind, or wreak havoc on your emotional stability by playing you like a fiddle.

When you meet someone who says all the right things and has all the right moves, do you ask yourself – is this person too good to be true? Well, maybe they are. Do not become the prey in a psychopath’s insatiable lust for destruction.

Have you ever encountered a person who has charm, wit and intelligence, but also has a disturbing dark side?


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