Where Else Can You Find a K9 Cop and a Serial Killer in a Thriller? #K9 #Suspense


Announcing the award-winning Special Edition SILENT PARTNER, a California Police K9 Story 2016 release. I’m honored and excited about this special release. Please note, a portion of the sales for each book (including ebook sales) will go to purchasing a K9 ballistic/stab proof vest for a police K9 unit. K9 recipient and police department will be announced soon.

As of this posting, so far during this 2016 year in the US, eight K9s have died in the line of duty. We can make a difference and protect our heroes–because they’ll never stop protecting us.

Please feel free to share this post and get the word out.


“In the book SILENT PARTNER, Jennifer Chase, the author and my friend, has captured the spirit and essence of what it’s like to work with a dog as your partner. As I read the book, I flashed back many times to situations I’ve dealt with as a K9 Handler. Some of the flashbacks were not the best, but in the end we caught the bad guy and she has helped me to relive one of the best times of my career. If you want a great read and a feel for what working K9 is like then SILENT PARTNER is it.”

~ Mark Keyes, Police Sergeant-K9 Handler/Supervisor, Daly City Police Department (Ret.)




One Cop, One Serial Killer, One Witness
Who Will Survive?

Northern California’s elite Police K9 Units arrive at an abandoned warehouse after a high-speed chase and apprehend two killers after they have fled a grisly murder scene. This barely scratches the surface of a bloody trail from a prolific serial killer that leads to unlocking the insidious secrets of one family’s history, while tearing a police department apart.

Jack Davis, a top K9 cop with an unprecedented integrity, finds himself falling for a beautiful murder suspect and struggling with departmental codes.

Megan O’Connell, suffering from agoraphobia, is the prime murder suspect in her sister’s brutal murder.

Darrell Brooks, a psychopath who loves to kill, is on a quest to drive Megan insane for profit.

Everyone is a suspect. Everyone has a secret. Someone else must die to keep the truth buried forever. Silent Partner is a suspense ride along that will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

2nd Edition Release 2016 SPECIAL EDITION

SILVER AWARD WINNER for SUSPENSE from the International Book Award Contest Readers’ Favorite
FINALIST for THRILLER from the International Book Award Readers’ Favorite


Recent 5 STAR Reviews for SILENT PARTNER:

“I loved Jack and his K9 partner, Keno; the story follows these two as Jack finds himself struggling on a thin line while trying to solve murders where everyone is a suspect.”

“The use of a K9 partner is what sets this book apart from other crime thrillers.”

“In the world of police procedurals this book stands out as being unique and well written.”


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4 Responses to Where Else Can You Find a K9 Cop and a Serial Killer in a Thriller? #K9 #Suspense

  1. Sue Coletta says:

    Adding this to my TBR list. BTW, I tried to tag you on Google Plus. Are you on that site? I couldn’t find you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dana Griffin says:

    It sounds interesting. As a lover of dogs I can’t wait to read it. Warning! If a dog gets hurt in the story you’ll suffer my wraith.


    • Hi Dana! Thanks for stopping by. Believe me, I’m a BIG dog person and I will be sharing some of my experiences. I would not write about a dog getting hurt or dying, but don’t hate me until you finish the book 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy. Note: it’s a kickoff to a K9 series.


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