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An Overview of the Texas Rangers: Elite Lone Star Law Enforcement

History of the Texas Rangers Fabled by law-abiding Texans and feared by outlaws, the Texas Rangers are an elite law enforcement agency that has statewide investigative jurisdiction. Based in Austin, the Rangers have existed for almost 100 years after being … Continue reading

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Evidence Rules: Fundamentals of a Criminal Prosecution

If you’re a fan of crime fiction and even true-crime stories, the issue of ‘evidence’ is usually at the heart of the story. But, what’s the deal with evidence? And how does it help a prosecutor build a case? Well, … Continue reading

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Law and Culture: 3 Horrible Crimes that Changed America

There are certain devastating crimes that shake a culture to its core. These events, although horrific, do have a silver lining. And that is, the crimes help us identify and rectify certain gaps in our legal system. Here are three … Continue reading

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