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Forensics and Criminology: How’d They Do That?

As we go about our daily routines, there are scientists hard at work trying to discover answers for the criminal justice arena, as well as breakthroughs to improve our way of life.  Many of these tests, studies, and theories aren’t … Continue reading

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Why Do We Cringe at Terrible Sounds?

Fingernails slowly dragged down a chalkboard, a shrieking woman, or that high-pitch sound of a drill makes us cringe on the spot and cower in disgust.  Even pressing your hands against your ears does not seem to help.  Okay, I … Continue reading

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Forensics – The Past Meets the Present

Here are some fun facts about forensics. It is often thought that police forensics has been a relatively new contribution to interpreting, reconstructing, and solving crimes in our society.  Quite the contrary, police forensics, or more accurately described as forensic … Continue reading

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Uncovering Tough Clues in Investigations – Examining the Digits

There are forensic scientists discovering and applying new scientific techniques to help solve new cases and uncovering clues in cold cases.  Since fingerprints are the most fragile pieces of evidence in a criminal investigation and are the most important to … Continue reading

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New Forensic Technology Breakthrough for Detecting Human Remains

Authorities and scientists have used scent detection dogs to find human remains and graves sites for a long time now.  There is a new technology breakthrough that has been created to assist in this important investigation of finding bodies and … Continue reading

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Firearms Evidence and the Crime Scene Investigation

A common form of evidence found at many crime scenes is firearms evidence.  It can be in the form of a gun, shell casings, bullets, or any combination.  This type of evidence can be found in related crimes such as … Continue reading

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What Does Forensic Science, Charles Manson, and a Black Labrador Retriever Have in Common?

No, this isn’t the silly punch line for a joke.  I found a very interesting article that immediately captured my interest about three things that I study on a regular basis: forensics, serial killers, and Labrador retrievers.  Undisputed, Labrador retrievers … Continue reading

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