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They Hide Behind a Mask of Normalcy

“Mankind has a natural predator, the psychopath, and this predator is invisible because there are no easily discernible markings that set him apart.” This quote was taken from, The Trick of the Psychopath’s Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes … Continue reading

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What Intrigues You about Psychopaths, Pathological Liars and Scam Artists?

We live in a world where there are all kinds of people and that’s what makes life exciting and interesting.  With all of the wonderful types of people out in the world that we’ve met throughout our own experiences, some … Continue reading

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Would You Trust a Psychopath?

I came across an interesting article explaining that psychopaths may come in two varieties: psychopaths who are incarcerated for criminal acts and psychopaths who may never be incarcerated or caught for their criminal activities. I thought this was an interesting … Continue reading

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Serial Killer Targets Homeless in California

With the way that it’s been highlighted on television programs the past several years, you may think that Orange County, California is only home to wealthy teenagers who spend their days flirting by the beach and “real housewives” who document … Continue reading

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Fan or Stalker?

I’ve decided to lighten things up a bit from murders, serial killers, and the deepest recesses of the criminal mind to tell you about another disturbing tale a little closer to home. I’ve had a “real life” stalker before, in … Continue reading

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Criminology Student Lived the Life of a Serial Killer “Crossbow Cannibal” and Will Die in Prison

“Humanity is not merely a biological condition.  It is also a state of mind.  On that basis, I am a pseudo human at best.  A demon at worst.” “I’m misanthropic.  I don’t have much time for the human race.” “I’ve … Continue reading

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